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about us

Thank You for you interest in Junk-IT N Dump-IT! We are a locally owned and operated company based out of the Northern Twin Cities metro area. We specialize in junk removal and demolition services for both residential and commercial customers. Being a service based business our number one priority is customer service and customer satisfaction. We strive to be the very best in our industry on each and every job that we arrive at, leaving our customers with less mess and less stress! Junk-IT N Dump-IT offers free, no obligation, on-site estimates to ensure customer satisfaction and no hidden fees. 

Image by Hoang Kim Hung
Image by Mert Guller

Junk-IT N Dump-IT is a junk removal company, but we are also very environmentally conscious. One of our main goals besides customer satisfaction is to keep as much "junk" out of the landfill as possible. This is possible because of our partnerships with local donation and recycling centers. We always donate what we can and recycle what we can before unloading the trucks at the landfill. Junk-IT N Dump-IT takes great pride in the community that we serve in and we strive to leave it better today than it was yesterday. Leaving a brighter tomorrow for the generations to come!

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